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Fries, herb salt, tomato sauce v 12

Pulled pork sliders, kewpie, cheddar, slaw (4) 16.5

Prawn and ginger dumplings, spicy soy and wasabi sauce (6) 18 vo

Crispy cauliflower bites, cashew nuts, sweet and sour sauce vg gf 16.5

Salt and pepper squid, green onion, wild lime mayo gf 20

Baked broccolini, cashew nut puree, du puy lentil and herb salad gf vg 15

Lobster rolls, dill, chives, garlic butter (2) 22

BBQ chicken salad, wong bok, shallots, coriander, peanuts, nam jim sauce gf 25

Singapore noodles, prawn, pork, bok choy, onion, carrot, satay vo gfr 27

Beef burger, onion, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ketchup mayo, fries gfo 25

Korean fried chicken burger, sweet chilli jam, kimchi slaw, gochujang mayo, chips 25

Pan fried gnocchi, wild mushrooms, baby spinach, asparagus, truffle oil gf vg 24

Chicken parma, smoked ham, salad, chips 26.5

300gm dry aged sirloin, fries, roast vegetables, red wine jus gf 38

Cheese board, chefs selection of two cheeses, lavosh, almonds, dried fruit v 23


v: vegetarian |  vo: vegetarian option available
vg: vegan  | vgo: vegan option available
gf: gluten free | gfo: gluten free option available